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The Google Analytics that is the website of your people is also performed. There is a very best tool to track it. And it also helps to find the broken links that are very easily. First log in to your Google Analytics account. And then click on the practice tapes then, then select the content of the site and the subsequent scriptures.

How to find broken links with Google Analytics.

You people also have to make sure that you want to see it. That the diagnosis that is diagnosed is that you guys decide. If you guys check the monthly broken links, you guys decide the period of the month after your last check. Here I have set it from June 1 to June 31, 2020. When you scroll down, you have the option of seeing people. They will be visible. It will probably be set on the already fixed book. But instead you people choose the title of the Sahifa.

How to find broken links in the title of Google Analytics.

Now you guys can create a title filter you guys can create as below. Click Advanced Once you click Advanced if you guys are in the window. To add your filtering to the page, the title, the title of your 404 book, you guys. In addition, you can see within the upper part of the full screenwave. That 404 mistakes have been 2071 times and then down if you guys scroll all the way. So you guys will see that 964 pages have happened.


Another free tool that we recommend is Zeno Link Slouth You guys go to the finals after installing and opening the Xeno software. Check the URL and enter the domain of your website. Check out the external links that are. And then the analysis if you want to run, click OK for it. And also note that if this is the first time, when you people have used Zeno, what is the report. It can take a while to complete it.

Make a report and track your changes.

When you indicate the broken links you have. So then make an Excel spreadsheet to track the link redirect. Its name, such as a broken link redirect. In the Google Analytics you have the upper part of the people’s book, click on the export CSV for Excel. And then the final is the report of the people you are downloading it by downloading it. You can also easily export it. For the goals we have, you just have links to the broken people. The views of the book and itself. There are unique ideas of theology, they need to be performed. So these data columns you copy and paste is in the Excel Spread Sheet you produced. In addition, people can also export data from Zeno. Click on the file then export the final from the tab. And then you open this text final with Excel.

Analyze the data and decide which pages should be redirected.

After all preparations you guys come up at a very important phase. Which can be broken, but in fact, before redirecting them, you people are pages and these are their reasons. They should also analyze that they are not working properly. You can see the short sample that is the Google Analytics section. That all the broken links are not equal, some links are actually met often. While others are not broken links or many examples of wandering URL visits. They are only once the one that can also produce the URL human error. Or what happens in an address bar is wrong to type the wrong URL and may not be able to fix it at all. With many visits that are broken links may be time and effort.

Because they show the trend, even if it is one of the human mistakes. There are also links that we can easily detect the right URL. And you can do the data in the spreadsheet. Other links that are there you guys can put a temporary URL you can. And can also highlight it with a different color and the rest of the links. Domain for them can also be sent to the homepage. Finally we have many visits and links with these people. They will redirect them, which are the basic principles that make mistakes.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console Google is a helper tool that you have in search results in their website. Maintaining its presence and maintaining

There is a problem, it also helps to resolve it. To start you people with your website with Google Search Console. It will also be much more needed to confirm this then you can start to take advantage of the features you have.

Google Search Console Crawl Report

Clicking above any of these links will open a popup. Where you can see which pages are connected to the 404 error page. Which allows you people to correct the links that are broken on the pages.

Desktop software

Beyond the web -based SEO audit tools, you have a desktop software. The most famous option here is the main scream. Which is a very famous SEO tool that is completely free to use to find broken links. Once you guys download and install the program. So how to find the links that are broken then how to use it.


Is it true or not that you are tired of broken joins? Stress no more and attempt the messed up connect checker by Ahrefs! It assists you with really looking at every one of the outbound and inbound connections in no time. You should simply enter your site URL or area and check the quantity of broken connects in a split second. You might in fact channel and sort the rundown for focusing on the fixing system before it could affect the site Search engine optimization. This instrument additionally allows you to see dead pages and restore them to reasonable choices to get better with your rankings.

Plan broken interface actually taking a look at month to month, week after week, or even day to day to guarantee consistent site joins. You can likewise contrast different really looking at results with track the enhancements and proficiency of this device. To save time, you can re-appropriate the undertakings to a consultant and offer CSV reports produced in short order. A few consultants on Fiverr can investigate the messed up joins for yourself and do outreach too.

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